Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Inspired by the sterling examples provided by others and further others I have finally made a fledgling entry into the world of blogging.

In a moment of revision induced boredom, combined with the guilt of ignoring Marc Eisenstadt for too long, and my replies to others' blogs becoming as long as a blog in itself, I decided, reluctantly, that I will blog.

From there it became a question of choosing a provider. I could handcode it myself?

Rejected; out of laziness, incompetence and a general admittance that I'm very afraid of writing web-software. Besides, it seems like a very economically dubious thing to do...

The idea of letting other people run bits of my website for me, is still somewhat alien to me, despite my generally positive and always professional experiences over at Smugmug it is still with some trepidation, not to mention outright terror that I let someone else control a fraction of a website that contains my content.

Wordpress seemed nice, but inflexible unless I was hosting it myself. My hosting infrastructure is all set up to handle ASP.NET not PHP, and again the knowledge of my ignorance, and general reluctance to spend yet more on hosting counted against this.

So Blogger it is, for now at least...

This whole thing seems unclear to me:

  • If I do blog, will anyone read?

  • Can I blog about most of what I find interesting?

  • Do I wish to blog about much of what I find interesting?

  • How does blogging fit in between my carefully managed opinions for the world, and the ranting discourses that my friends kindly suffer?

  • How will a blog cope with being interspersed by comments on garden parties, and discussions of information efficient communication by SMS?

  • Blah....

A Brave New World indeed....